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Jiangsu will open five railways at the end of the year
19 provinces built and operated in the province, 14 sections of the Yangtze River Jiangsu section have been built
On September 20th, the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress of Jiangsu Province held a joint meeting to conduct a special inquiry on the “Construction of the modern comprehensive transportation system in the province”. Deputy Governor Fei Gaoyun led the main leaders of the nine provincial departments and answered questions from the members of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress and the deputies of the National People's Congress. A good package of traffic news was also revealed at the meeting. Fei Gaoyun revealed that at the end of this year, Jiangsu will open five railways and build three river crossings, including the Xianxin Road crossing channel in Nanjing. The reporter of the modern express newspaper learned that the South Yanjiang Railway, which has received much attention, has the conditions for starting construction, and it is scheduled to start in early October this year.
5 railways will be opened at the end of the year
Fei Gaoyun introduced 10 railways under construction in the province, totaling 1,433 kilometers, including 4 high-speed railways with a total of 958 kilometers. The scale of construction is among the highest in the country. There are 6 key projects under construction in the north of Jiangsu Province, especially the construction of Huaiyang Town and Xusu Huaiyan Railway, and the main skeleton of the high-speed railway in northern Jiangsu is quickly established.
At the end of this year, five railways including the Yanyan Railway, Ningqi Phase II and Qinglian will be opened. Next year, Xusu Huaiyan and Lianhuaiyang Town will be open to traffic. It is estimated that by 2025, the province's railway mileage will reach 5,200 kilometers, of which the high-speed railway will be 3,000 kilometers, basically forming a "1.5-hour high-iron circle" from Nanjing to each district.
A number of railways will be built next year.
Next year, Jiangsu will strive to build a number of railways, including Ninghuai Railway, North Yanjiang Railway, Ningxuan Railway, and Ningyang Ningma Railway. Fei Gaoyun emphasized that the Ninghuai Railway is one of the most important ones.