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Marine fuel sales fell to a minimum of nearly two months
According to official data, in August this year, sales of marine fuel in Singapore have fallen to a minimum of nearly two months, as the number of ships calling for fueling in Singapore has decreased.
Singapore is the world's largest fuel-filling bridgehead, but Singapore's maritime and port management data show that in August this year, Singapore's marine fuel sales were only 3.963 million metric tons, down 9.2% from the same period last year, compared with July this year. It fell by 1.8%. But Singapore also pointed out that these declines are predictable and short-lived.
In late July, some of the ship's engines were damaged by the spread of contaminated fuel oil, prompting some shippers to raise fuel at other ports, including the Fujairah port in the UAE, despite the higher cost of fueling.
Due to the reduction in shipping activity in Singapore, the number of vessels applying for fuel refueling in August fell by 5.1% from July, to only 3,128, a six-month low. From a level of a year ago, fuel injection demand fell by 6.2%. However, the average fuel refill for each vessel rebounded in August, with an average of 1,267 tons of fuel per vessel, up from an average of 1,224 metric tons in July, but still below the 1,309 metric tons for the same period in 2017. Average.