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Completion of the first phase of Beijing Tongzhou Port Proje
China news agency, Beijing, September 20 (Reporter Yin Li) Beijing Tongzhou Port is linked to a variety of modes of transportation by sea, land and air, covering regional, domestic and international logistics integrated nodes. The reporter learned from the Tongzhou Logistics Base on the 20th that the first phase of the port project has been completed and has various functions such as warehousing, distribution, and taxation, as well as import and export clearance capabilities. It is expected to be put into use in October.
The Tongzhou Port Project is an important measure for Beijing to dismantle the core functions of the non-capital and accelerate the construction of a “high-precision” industrial structure. The whole project will be constructed in three phases. After completion, the overall upgrading of Beijing Luhai Port will be completed, further reducing logistics costs.
At the same time, the port can also be connected to various modes of transportation by sea, land and air, and realize various functions such as warehousing, distribution, bonded, processing, etc. At the same time, it has various import and export customs clearance capabilities such as seaports and land ports, and becomes a regional logistics, domestic logistics and international The integrated node of logistics.
It is worth mentioning that after the completion of the port, it will become the largest inland port and port economic zone in the north, further enhance the internationalization level of the construction of the Beijing city sub-center, promote the optimization and upgrading of the capital industry, and promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.
Combined with the construction needs of the Beijing City Sub-center, Tongzhou Port has defined the development orientation of “one core, three platforms and four functions”. “One core” means the port economic zone, “three platforms” means the port economy demonstration platform, the circulation industry innovation platform, and the intelligent logistics incubation platform. The “four functions” are bonded goods display transactions, food cold chain warehousing logistics, and port logistics interconnection. Interoperability and intelligent logistics research and development innovative functions.