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Rail transport
International railway
Keyuan International Freight has a group of high-quality, experienced and experienced professional teams in railway services. It specializes in organizing large-scale project engineering equipment, transportation of large-sized and over-constrained goods, and transports from China to China's neighboring countries including Mongolia and Russia. Five countries in Vietnam and Central Asia (Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Kyrgyzstan), as well as rail transport from the above countries to the Chinese mainland. Keyuan International Freight has obvious advantages in international railway transport, international multimodal transport, border transport, import and export intermodal wagon plan, in-transit cargo tracking, door-to-door service and other aspects.
■ International railway transportation business scope
From China, China's neighboring countries include Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam and Central Asia (Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Kyrgyzstan), as well as transportation from the above countries to the opposite direction of the Chinese mainland.
■ International railway transportation business operation process
The shipper informs the agent that the agent or container is required to arrange the whole vehicle or container transportation, the sending station and the country to which it is shipped, the name and quantity of the goods, the estimated time of transportation, the name of the customer, the telephone number, the contact person, etc.
2. Transport documents
The shipper and the agent confirm the quotation and confirm the agency relationship. The shipper is required to entrust the company in writing: (1) the power of attorney (2) the power of attorney (3) the power of attorney (4) the customs declaration, the checklist (Add a special seal for the entrusting unit) (5) Contract (6) Box list (7) Invoice (8) Commodity check release list (9) Write-off form, etc.
3. Customs declaration
The shipper will send the above documents to the designated company of the agent, and the agent will arrange the customs declaration for them, that is, customs declaration in Manzhouli, Erlianhaote, Alashankou, Pingxiang and other places.
4. Departure
According to the transportation plan arrangement notice, when the shipper delivers and delivers the goods, the goods declared in the local customs declaration must be accompanied by the documents such as customs declaration, contract, container list, invoice and seal to the port. At the port declaration, the contract, box list, invoice, customs declaration, commodity inspection certificate and other documents must be delivered to the port agency company of the agency company. After the goods are shipped, the third order will be handed over to the consignor.
5. Port handover
After the goods arrive at the port, they need to go through the procedures for transfer and re-installation. After the goods are transferred to the foreign car, the freight company will inform the shipper of the replacement time of the goods at the port and the number of the car replaced by the foreign party.