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Air transport
Qingdao Keyuan International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It has the qualification of China Civil Aviation Transportation Sales Agency. Jincheng Logistics has teamed up with a number of internationally renowned airlines to jointly launch air export, air import and charter flights, and the company and Eastern Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, US POLARAIR Airlines, SAS, Austrian Airlines, Indian Airlines, ALPHA, Singapore Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and other airlines have established long-term friendly cooperative relations, and relying on the global freight forwarding network to provide customers with pick-up, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance, booking, delivery, insurance. A one-stop service ensures that customers' goods are delivered to the world quickly and accurately.
■ Air export business scope
According to the entrustment of the customer, the air transport export handles all the business before and after the export of the goods; audits the various lists and approvals provided by the customers; controls all kinds of documents; booking, customs declaration; handling the certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; Domestic transportation, packing, issuing bills of lading, settlement of transportation and miscellaneous fees, fast mailing domestic and foreign documents; handling import declaration, taxation, transshipment and delivery in foreign countries; handling agency business in foreign countries.
■ Air export operation process
1. Power of attorney
The shipper fills in the shipping consignment book by himself. The consignment should include the following content fields: shipper, consignee, departure station airport, destination airport, required route/application booking, declared value for transportation, declared value for customs use, insurance amount, treatment Matters, documents attached to the shipper, actual gross weight, freight rate category, billable weight, product name and quantity of the goods, shipper's signature, date, etc.
2, review documents
The documents shall include: invoice, packing list, consignment book, submission single item type, foreign exchange verification form, license, commodity inspection certificate, input/return processing verification, claim/repair agreement, payment guarantee letter, customs seal .