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Land transport
International land transport business scope
International land transport handles all business before and after the export of goods according to the client's entrustment; audits various types of lists and approvals provided by customers; controls all kinds of documents; booking, customs declaration; handling certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; domestic transportation, Inbound and loading; issuing bills of lading, settlement of transportation and miscellaneous fees, fast mailing domestic and foreign documents; handling import declarations, taxation, unpacking/transportation, and delivery in foreign countries; handling agency business in foreign countries.
■ International land transport operation process
1, order
After accepting the client's power of attorney, review the contents of the power of attorney and confirm the commissioned items.
2, booking
The power of attorney was ordered by the international land transport company to obtain the shipping company's matching receipt.
3. Domestic transportation
Our company or customer directly arranges domestic transportation to transport the goods to the designated warehouse of the transit port.
4, customs declaration
Determine the cabinet number, vehicle tonnage, checklist, and prepare the export customs declaration after preparing the complete customs declaration documents.
5, the bill of lading confirmation
According to the power of attorney, the bill of lading is confirmed and the bill of lading is confirmed with the customer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the bill of lading.
6, pay
Confirm the bill with the customer and charge the relevant fees.
7, return to the customs, the waybill
After one month of export declaration, the customs declaration will be returned to the customer for tax refund.
8. Change the bill of lading at the destination port
After the goods arrive at the port of destination, the foreign agent of the international land transport company informs the consignee to exchange the bill of lading.
9, customs clearance
After the complete customs declaration documents are prepared, the import declaration will be started. After the customs review, the goods will be delivered or delivered to the door.